Surrendering (or turning in) Your Dog

Circumstances not allowing for you to continue to care for your furry family member?

If you ever need to find your Labrador (or Labrador mix) a new home PLEASE consider giving him or her to us! Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) is a non-profit organization run completely by experienced rescue volunteers. All we ask is that you take the time to fill out our Intake Profile Form (see link below.) Once your request form has been received one of our friendly and knowledgeable Intake Coordinators will contact you for more specific information. The Intake Coordinator will ask for pictures of your dog and will arrange to have a SOLR volunteer meet the dog in person before making the determination as to whether or not we have a suitable foster home for your dog.

Not sure SOLR is right for your dog?  We are here to help!  You will be asked many detailed questions about your dog’s  likes and dislikes, health, temperament and personality. We ask these questions so that we will be able to do the best job of finding your dog a perfect match family.  The health-related questions will help us to determine what your dog needs, whether it is spaying, neutering, routine inoculations, or testing for more serious health issues. If you have a veterinarian we request that you provide a copy of veterinary records for your dog at the time of relinquishment–even if it is only a copy of vaccines. This will potentially prevent us from over-vaccinating your dog and will save the rescue money, allowing us to save more dogs.

while we realize that you might have other options to re-home your dog, we as the volunteers of SOLR hope that our rescue will be able to give you some peace of mind during this difficult time. Please know that we will do everything humanly possible to find the best match for your furry family member. We screen all of our adopters very carefully to make sure that they will make wonderful homes for dogs.

While we at SOLR have nothing but respect for our local shelters and the Humane Society we are also aware that they are often vastly over-populated and overburdened with dogs which may decrease the chances of your beloved pet finding a new family, particularly if the dog is older or being treated for a medical condition. In addition, we are often called by the shelters to take dogs that they do not have the room or resources to take care of.

Social network sites such as Craigslist and local newspapers (for the more old fashioned) are popular places to try and advertise for new homes for pets, yet this can be risky for your dog and frustrating for you. Often people will answer your ad who are not really interested in your pet or are interested only in pets that they intend to resell or breed and not actually keep. There are many instances when this type of re-homing has become an “impulse buy” and when the novelty wears off or a medical care situation arises the dog is now relegated to a “back yard dog” status. There are also many people online who are looking for bait dogs for dog fighting rings. SOLR volunteers are dedicated to preventing any animal from landing in such a tragic situation.

Re-homing your dog with family or friends often feels like the right thing to do, but the situation could suddenly change from if the family member or friend was only taking the dog to help you out. This can lead to the dog moving from home to home and causing additional stress and harm to the dog. This too is preventable by surrendering your dog to a reputable rescue.

SOLR is an all-foster based rescue. This means that when you surrender your dog to SOLR, he/she will be placed directly into a foster home where he/she will be cared for until adoption is finalized. The stress will be less than if the dog is exposed to excessive barking, fighting through fencing and fighting over food as is often found in kenneling or shelter scenarios.

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