Hi, I am Luke.  I am a big, gentle and loveable lab mix. My fosters and the veterinarian think I am a Pyrador, a mix of a Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever. This is not an accidental breeding, breeders are crossing these two breeds from purposes of being strong gentle guardians of their flocks.

I am almost pure white with some “freckles” on my nose.  They say I weigh 86 lbs. and should gain a bit since you can see all my rib and hip bones.  I was rescued from New Mexico after I had been in the pound for six weeks and no one claimed me. I am about 2 years old.  Although I am big, I am calm and sweet, you know, the strong silent type. I do not bark very often, but when I do you will know someone, or something is there. My foster brother and I love to play outside, I like to go for walks, and I do OK on a leash. I am well-mannered on my walks when we meet people and other dogs.  

Although I like the outdoors, I am house trained and good in the house. Occasionally, I like to counter surf (did I mention I was big, I can pretty much put my chin on the counter and look around).  My foster brother and I have been left alone for 3-4 hours and we did fine.  I haven’t found a toy that I didn’t like, squeaky and chew toys especially.   I have been in a crate on my car rides without a problem and seem to enjoy my rides, even to the Vet’s office. I have been neutered and have all my shots. My foster was told everybody at the Vet’s office feel in love with me. I was easy to handle and calm, I was a little nervous because it was a new adventure and what was being done.

I will sleep anywhere but prefer to sleep on the floor rather than my bed. I do not get on the inside furniture, but if you want to cuddle, I will give you a big hug.  I respond well to tone of voice but don’t yet understand the commands my foster uses so I will need additional training.  An active owner/family with some room to run might be best for me.  I would be a great running partner. I am getting used to the sounds of sirens and I know voices of coyotes (I do not like them very much, it is my breeding). 

My foster says I am a very handsome dog, I get along very well with my 3-year-old foster brother, and all of the other dogs I have met. I love to lay my head on your lap and get my ears rubbed and of course, I like belly rubs.   I have not met a cat yet or children.  I am pretty sure I will like children and would get along well, it is just that I seem really big to little kids.

I wish you would come and meet me, bring everybody, children and dogs, I love them all.