My name is Bowie and I’m about 5 years old.  My previous owners in Mexico dumped me from their car and drove away leaving me alone and terrified.

Since I was dumped on the side of the road, I got hit by another car and ended up in a poor state.  Some kind people saved me and managed to eventually get me to Arizona where I could go to the vet.  Luckily I didn’t need surgery but still ended up with a fractured pelvis, I have wounds on my hip and front paw too.

The vet also found I had tick fever which I am getting treated for.  I look like I have had a tough life as I have many scars on my face and a tear to my ear, but I still am a sweet soul, I am always smiling and wagging my tail, I still love people and follow my foster family around wherever they go in the house.

I can’t go for walks right now as my pelvis needs to heal but am happy enough to lie on someone’s lap.  I am a quiet dog who doesn’t bark much at anything and am housetrained so know to go outside and can use a doggy door.  I don’t mind hanging out with the other dogs in my foster home but don’t feel like playing with them.

I don’t know why my old family didn’t want me as I’m such a good boy. I know that I am in great hands now and will find a wonderful new home with people who love me for the sweet dog I am.