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President's Letter

Hope is all a homeless dog has when nothing else seems possible.

Through no fault of its own, a loving dog can end up abandoned and alone. An owner may get sick or pass away. A family may fall on hard times. A puppy may need more time than a family bargained for. Some Labradors are surrendered to responsible rescue groups like ours, while others are simply abandoned – left to wander empty fields and deserted streets, frightened, hungry, cold. Do they remember what they lost?

In April 2019, a small group of volunteers founded Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) with the goal of saving dogs where the need was greatest – in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and across the border in Mexico. Today, SOLR is thriving.  We have over 150 members who help us rescue dogs in need. This past year alone (2022), we saved 265 homeless Labs, including nine dogs with heartworm, three with cancer, four with broken legs, fourteen with Parvo, and two pregnant Moms with unwanted puppies. These are heartbreaking stories, but all had happy endings. We did it with your help – and with the help of our generous group of donors, foster families, adopters, and volunteers, who open their hearts and homes to dogs in need.  Together, we are able to provide homeless dogs with shelter, warmth, compassion, health, love, and life itself.  We give them a chance to love again.  We create hope.

I invite you to become part of this wonderful journey.  It is not hard. You can help simply by following us on Facebook or Instagram.  Or by spreading the word about our rescue. If you want to become more involved, you can volunteer, adopt, or donate.  Along the way, you will experience some amazing, beautiful, surprisingly, and joyful rewards.  I guarantee it. One of our volunteers once put it this way: “Sometimes we rescue the dog, but sometimes the dog rescues us.”

Susan Krase

President, SOLR

Our Board of Directors:


Susan Krase

Susan has been involved with lab rescue for over 20 years and was a founding member of SOLR. For the past 2 years, she has served as President as well as one of the intake coordinators and medical coordinators.   SOLR has grown from an idea in January 2019, to a non-profit with a list of about 150 volunteers.  Susan is committed to the continued growth and success of SOLR working with its volunteers to continue its mission to rescue homeless Labrador Retrievers and their offspring that are in need of safe and loving homes.

Vice President

Bryce Anderson

Bryce has been involved with SOLR since its inception Bryce serves many roles as a foster, home visit team, application review and volunteer coordinator. You can often find Bryce at events with a foster dog or SOLR alumni. Bryce also drafts and provides insight to policy and procedures, as well as other questions as they arise. With his fiancé, Bryce has fostered twenty dogs and counting. On top of his SOLR duties, Bryce is an attorney.



Liz McGinnis

Liz was involved with SOLR from its beginning in 2019 as an experienced foster and has been involved in rescuing or animal care for almost 20 years. With SOLR, Liz serves many roles as a foster team lead, a foster of many dogs in need, part of the intake team specializing in working with pounds, the fundraising team as well as attending many events with her current foster.



Denise Petrovich

Denise has been the Treasurer for SOLR since it’s inception in 2019 and has worked with lab rescue groups for the past six years. She has been involved in various areas such as fostering, home visits, transport and foster training.  Professionally, Denise is a CPA and has worked in public accounting in her earlier years and has served in senior leadership finance positions for both public and private equity companies over the past twelve years. 

Director at Large

Stacy LaFrance

Stacy brings many years of rescue expertise to SOLR.  Her responsibilities are in the area of adoptions, foster care and foster team development.  She is also a foster and is involved in developing events in the Phoenix area. Stacy has adopted several labs over the years and has always loved the breed. Outside of SOLR, Stacy also volunteers with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley and is a CPA, leading accounting teams at large companies. 

Board Advisor

Carol Lange

Carol brings to SOLR extensive experience serving on non-profit boards in professional organizations, healthcare and community groups. She has been involved in SOLR fundraising and events, communications, as a foster, and as interim Secretary in 2020. Carol and her family have almost 30 years of experience owning, raising and fostering labs.

2023 Annual Report

Here are just a few things we did in 2023!


Labs joined SOLR in 2023
  • 57% Male, 43% Female
  • 38 Puppies (age 6 months or less)
  • 32 Seniors (age 7 or over)


found new, loving families.

Our Labs come in all different colors!

  • 54% Yellow Labs
  • 24% Black Labs
  • 22% Chocolate Labs

And they came from all around the Southwestern States:

  • 60% from Arizona
  • 18% from Texas
  • 10% from Mexico
  • 10% from New Mexico
  • 2% from Utah and Nevada

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