Adoption Stories

Alysha and Tyler Hall were looking for a gentle dog with the right
temperament who could become best friends with their 18-month old son,
Caiden.  And our three-year old Foster, Finley, matched that portrait
perfectly.  Last night, they adopted Finley and took her to her new home.
Finley is a gentle, sweet, and loving dog, who enjoys a good game of fetch.
She was found as a stray and appears to have had at least one litter of
puppies.  She is currently being treated for heartworm, a disease in which
worms lodge in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The worms can grow up to
12 inches long and live up to seven years.  Thankfully, heartworm is
curable, and SOLR is committed to getting Finley well.  Although Finley has
a new forever home, SOLR will continue to pay for her heartworm treatment
until she is cured.  Finley will need to lead a quiet life for the next
several months until her treatment is complete.  But after that, the family
hopes to fill her days with fun activities, including morning walks, playing
in the park, dining out, jogging, biking, and so much more!  She is a lucky