Why Volunteer?

Reason One:

Have you thought about getting involved in the dog rescue world? Not sure how to get started? Worried that helping the dogs in need would be so overwhelming that you wouldn’t really make much difference? Almost all of the wonderful SOLR volunteers had the same worries. I did. Then another volunteer pointed out to me that the only dog I needed to worry about was the one in front of me, and that to that dog I would make all the difference in the world. I could change that dog’s life forever. The gratitude of a rescue dog would feed my soul and spirit in ways that couldn’t be imagined until it was experienced.
You don’t need to be perfect to be a volunteer. You just need to be a willing heart. Give it a try. For your sake, and the sake of the dogs waiting for a better life.

Reason Two:

Don’t these faces speak for themselves? SOLR often has puppies that need a family to take them in, love them, teach them, and find them the PERFECT home. Puppies are often high energy and intrepid explorers. Just when you think you’ve picked up anything they could get into…they find something you missed! These fresh young minds need lots of interaction and direction in order to grow into loyal family companions. As a SOLR foster for puppies you would be able to watch as the puppy (or puppies) learn about playing ball, swimming (if he/she/they enjoy water sports), the trials and tribulations of bathroom etiquette, obedience training and interacting with other pets and people. Experiencing the growth and wonderment of fostering a puppy can be one of the most wonderful experiences you have.

Reason Three:

Not up to the hijinks of a puppy? That’s okay! SOLR is often asked to take in older dogs as well. These dogs are often more calm, less inquisitive but just as happy as a puppy. Fostering and adopting a “senior” dog takes a special kind of heart. Often these dogs need medication for arthritis and take a little longer to adjust to their new circumstances. Fostering an older dog may mean some trips to the veterinarian before preparing to find him or her a home that will give a sense of peace, happiness and joy for the remainder of their life (or lives).